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Thermo Vista
Nowadays, a “Data Center” is a critical part of a business infrastructure. Improper environment conditions can permanently damage the system which can cause irretrievable data and lost business to the Organization.

Consequently, associated costs may be incurred which can easily affect the bottom line of the Organization.

As such, it should always remain operational and ensured of network continuity. It is vital that all sensitive equipment are being monitored and controlled to obtain optimal conditions that can extend the life of IT Infrastructures.

“ThermoVista” is a cost effective Environmental Monitoring Solution which helps protect valuable IT hardware and data by remotely monitoring the data center or server room and provide alerts of an impending disaster through SMS or Email Notifications.
When an event or disaster occurred, ThermoVista can send “Customizable Alerts” in the form of the following;
SNMP traps
Email Notification
SMS Notification
Key Environment aspects to monitor based on the user predefined parameters:
Water leakage
Security (Door Open)
Detection of AC Power Line Voltages
Software Key Features:
Browser-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring.
Email Notification when condition changes.
Log-in for Users and Administrators for better security.
Creation of User Accounts.
Application provides graphical report
Reports are stored in text files and can be export to csv format
SMS Notification (optional)
Alarm Notification (optional)
Hardware Key Features:
High-Speed, accurate and Intelligent monitoring device
IP Based Sensor Devices
2, 4, 8 or Multiple RJ-45 Ports for connecting intelligent probes.
Rack or Wall mountable.
Intelligent Probes to detect environment factors such as;
LED Status Indication for Power and Network Connectivity.
Standard 10 Base- T Ethernet RJ-45 for network connectivity.
Typical Power Consumption: 1.425 Watt, 0.19A
Configurable output signals (0VDC/5VDC) on any of the 8 RJ-45 sensor ports.
Operating Environment:
Temperature: Min -35°C (-31°F) – Max 80°C (176°F)
Humidity: Min: 20% - Max: 80% (Non-Condensing).
2 year warranty.
Wide ranges of sensors are available that cover various environmental and security conditions, as well as sensors for monitoring power and specialized sensors for industrial applications.
The sensorProbe8 can record all events in its database with a time stamp of when the sensor alarm was raised and the action taken place. It has 8 auto-sense intelligent sensor ports which work with a wide range of intelligent sensors. It can use any combination of sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage, airflow, security and even control relays. It can also be used to detect AC voltage and measure DC voltage.
Single Port Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Dual sensor, 2 sensors on one port. In situations where both temperature and humidity can be critical you can keep up to speed on the current conditions using this sensor. Combining temperature and humidity into the one sensor frees up an additional intelligent sensor port on your base unit.
  RopeWater Sensor
Detect water leaks over large area. With the ropeWater sensor you can protect your essential equipment from potentially harmful water damage. Able to detect the presence or non-presence of water/battery acid The ropeWater sensor can detect and withstand a 40% concentration of battery acid for short term periods of time without damage to the rope.
  AC Voltage Detector
The AC voltage detector is used to indicate the presence or absence of line voltage. This is useful, for example to tell when the UPS is running on battery power. The AC Voltage Detector indicates an ALARM/NORMAL condition in software and also via an LED mounted on the sensor. It is designed for use worldwide. There is an SNMP interface for getting the alarm/normal status. SNMP traps are sent when critical conditions occur.
  Smoke Detector
Monitoring for developing smoke is an essential aspect in the security and safety of any facility. Includes disconnect alarm that checks that the sensor is securely plugged into the sensor/securityProbe.
  Siren Strobe Light
The combined strobe light and siren can add eye-catching audio visual alarms to the sensorProbe and securityProbe series base units. When triggered, the siren generates a loud alarm accompanied with a bright flashing strobe light, giving a clear alert of an alarm condition. Powered by the base unit, with no additional power required, it's perfectly suited for use in mission critical situations. The siren and strobe can be triggered by another sensors status, or controlled manually via the web interface or using its own SNMP OID.
  Security Sensor (Door Open)
The Security sensor is a magnetic on/off switch for monitoring doors and windows. When the door, or window, opens the input signal is detected by the sensorProbe or securityProbe base unit. Alerts can then be generate to notify you even including images captured from an attached camera to give you instant visual feedback on the situation. They are active switches that close when one half of the sensor is in close proximity to its mate. When the two sensor pairs are moved apart from each other they open. The base unit senses closure and opening of these switches.