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Environment Monitoring in Warehouses
A warehouse measuring thousands of square meters is likely to exhibit differing temperature zones. Continuous temperature monitoring ensures that your goods are being stored in product specified conditions & any problem areas are identified. Proper atmosphere control can significantly extend the marketable life of cargo like food stuff and pharmaceuticals.

Our environmental monitoring solution ‘Thermo Vista’ eliminates hurdles like inaccuracy occurred due to human error and cost incurred for additional resources.

Thermo Vista helps you to monitor the environment condition in your warehouse consistently and accurately by tracking the temperature and humidity level, 24/7. It allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity level in your warehouse at any time, from anywhere, using email/SMS alerts.
Software Key Features:
Brower-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring.
Notifies appropriate personnel about the condition change through variety of alert modes: SMS (Optional), Alarm, or Email.
Log-in for Users and Administrators for better security.
Creation of User Account’s for Administrators.
Application provides graphical report.
Reports are stored in text files and can be export to csv format
Hardware Key Features:
IP Based Devices.
Rack or Wall mountable.
Comes with different sensors; Environmental, Security, and Power. Connects 2, 8 and multiple ports.
LED Status Indication for Power and Network Connectivity.
Standard 10 Base- T Ethernet RJ-45 for network connectivity.
7.0- 9 V/ >= 1.2 Amp Power Requirements.
Typical Power Consumption: 1.425 Watt, 0.19A
Inputs: 8 RJ-45 ports for connecting sensors.
Outputs: Configurable output signals (0VDC/5VDC) on any of the 8 RJ-45 sensor ports.
Operating Environment: Temperature: Min -35°C (-31°F) – Max 80°C (176°F) Humidity: Min. 20% - Max 80% (None Condensing).
2 year warranty.
Sensors Wide ranges of sensors are available that cover various environmental and security conditions, as well as sensors for monitoring power and specialized sensors for industrial applications. Environmental
Temperature – semiconductor, microprocessor controlled type temperature sensor.
Temperature & Humidity - single port dual sensor monitors both temperature and humidity.
Water Leakage - microprocessor design, circuitry encased in epoxy for water proofing.
Smoke Detector - photoelectric type, loud 85dB alarm, and ceiling mounted.
Security Sensor - detects if door or windows are open or closed.
Motion Detector - detects broken glass and forced entry.
Siren and Strobe Light - audio and visual alarm, controlled by sensor status.
AC Voltage (Power Monitoring) - detect presence and absence of AC line voltage.