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HR & Payroll System The Personnel Management system takes employee information out of the filing cabinets or your obsolete human resource management system and puts it at your fingertips. Now you can respond immediately to management, employee and government requests making you a real information provider. This system streamlines all the HR processes and integrates with payroll thus improving employee satisfaction and administrative efficiency.


Payroll puts all the power you need to handle today’s critical payroll demands right on your personal computer or network in a simple, easy-to-use format. It is gives control to process payroll accurately and quickly. It is a complete source for cost-effective payroll management.

Employee profile
Leave types
Documents master
Visa master
Leave Ledger
Annual Leave Salary & tickets
Payroll Processing
Personal Loan
Documents Issue / Receipts
Visa Process
End of Benefits
Document Expiry
Visa Over Stay
Document Over Due
Employee Profile
Employee Hierarchy
Documents Expiry Details
Employee Leave details
Monthly payroll sheet
Bank Salary Transfer sheet (Excel File Format)
Documents Expiry Details