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i-Menu Imenu – Digitized food and wine menus for restaurants, cafes and bars.
imenu will give your customers the unique experience and the “touch” of service they like. With imenu customers can envision the food in visually pleasing format complete with mouthwatering photography and detailed descriptions.

Why iMenus?
Boost Average Bill Value
Interactive menu with quality photography along with food description will improve the average bill value per customer by minimum 5%.

     Gain more Table turns
Reducing customers waiting time for waiters by confirming the order directly to the kitchen, customers finish meals faster and restaurants can serve more customers within the same facility..

Enhanced Customer Experience
Colorful menu presentation
Attractive menu with quality pictures and dish descriptions will sure turn on the customer taste buds. Customer’s orders will be increased 5% - 10% per order.

     Less waiting Times
Ordering food is quick, easy & stress free, and becomes the integral part of the entertainment experience.

Reformed operations, lower costs
Boost Productivity
Reduce manpower requirement by upto 20%, with Iower time Wasted in taking orders, manual POS operation and re-work.

Minimized Wastage
Less mistakes by staff, means less wastage. This leads less lost orders and cost saving from increased staff productivity.

How iMenu Works
     Key Features
Vivid interactive menu with pictures
Customized to allow consistent branding with personalized look and feel or them able to match with your decor & theme.

Content Management Interface
Dynamic media for menu items, promotions including special offers for customers and targeted advertisement.

Integration with POS and Kitchen systems
This can be easily connected to your available POS application.

Business intelligence and data analytics
Analyze, average bill values, dish category penetration, customer feedback data, with anytime, anywhere access to the data